Key Features

This analysis software enables researchers to analyze simultaneously numerous cases and subjects while preserving the uniqueness of each. Researchers can focus on the entire database or only on parts of it, on merging of analyzing documents, or on selecting specific data from it and dividing it. Researchers can use the software for constructing qualitative description and/or grounded theory.

 The Narralizer will handle your project data files and documents whether your data comes in form of interview and observation transcript, field notes, open-ended survey responses, articles and article’s summary or other text based documents.

The software analyzes data from any word processor documents and other texts documents (fro example, from Web browser) and exports the analyzed data to a new word processor document. The Narralizer helps you search and note segments of interest within your data, mark them with code words. You can import your text-based qualitative data and straight into the program.

 Narralizer is an easy to organized and sort your bibliography and construct your academic literature review

 In sum, the Narralizer enables:

  • Multilingual support.
  • Friendly and easy to use windows explorer-like interface.
  • Organize data in a hierarchical structure of categories.
  • Import documents from any word processor or Web browser.
  • Show a textual view of the analysis document.
  • Export the textual view of the analysis document to file that can be viewed using Microsoft Word.
  • Work on several documents simultaneously and exchange data between them.
  • Manage your data using the common windows techniques, such as drag and drop or cut, copy and paste.
  • Merge two or more documents to a new document.
  • Divide a document to a document containing just part of the sub cases, or even just the category tree structure.
  • Searching words or phrases by powerful “find” tool
  • Organizing and sorting the bibliography items
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